Why Concierge?
SMA House Calls

The short answer is that Medicare and other insurance companies do not pay for the type of work that I do. Properly caring for seniors and the home bound requires developing a close relationship with their caregivers, specialists, social workers, nurses, therapists, etc. It requires communication with ER physicians and hospital physicians in the event of a hospitalization.  It requires communication with all who are part of your health care team.  The time, attention, and follow up that I give to each patient is beyond what you would find in an office practice. With the concierge model, you will have a physician who is your advocate, who has your needs and priorities at the forefront, and who willingly communicates with you and your family or caregiver. I will help you or your loved ones understand your treatment options, and customize a plan that fits your unique situation.  I am available 24/7 for all of my patients.  You will always be able to reach me by cell phone or email, and I make every attempt be available for urgent visits on weekdays, if the need arises.

SMA Service Areas

I provide concierge home care services in Philadelphia and Montgomery counties and Camden county. To inquire if your location is a covered area, please call the office at 609-208-3232.

Concierge Fee

The initial intake visit is $825. 

The first visit is a comprehensive history and physical.  The time is also spent gathering all of the information to form a care team and care plan around the patient.  This visit can typically last up to 2 hours.  

Each subsequent month is billed at $450/month

This monthly fee is due at the beginning of each month.  It can be paid via check, Venmo, ApplePay, Cash App, or bank routing.

I do not accept insurance and therefore do not bill your insurance for any of the work that I do.  (You can deduct my fees as a medical expense on your yearly taxes.) The monthly fee covers your home visits, as well as all paperwork, coordination of care, and communication that occurs during that month. The monthly fee also gives you the benefit of having my cell phone and email. I typically see patients a minimum of once per month, but the frequency of visits depends on the need of the patient. I do not see patients in the home on nights or weekends, but I am always available by phone.

The concierge contract is a month to month contract and can be cancelled with 30 days notice. 


$50 travel fee for any patient who lives more than 20 miles from my home.  

$50 for patients with gastrostomy tubes or tracheostomies that I will be changing in the home.