Your First Visit with SMA
SMA House Calls

The initial visit is a comprehensive history and physical exam that can take up to 2 hours. It is important that I learn about your medical history and listen to all of your current medical needs and concerns.  It is also important that I learn about your support system and meet other household members who help with your care. Remember, I do not have a waiting room full of patients - you will not be rushed through a visit!    

Here are some things that will help the first visit go smoothly...
  • Try to have a family member or caregiver present to help provide a thorough medical history.
  • Have any hospital discharge papers available. 
  • Have all medication bottles and any over the counter medications/vitamins available. 
  • If you are seeing any specialists (such as a cardiologist, neurologist), please have those phone numbers available.
  • Have the name and phone number of your previous family doctor available.
  • If you have a living will or advanced directive, please make a copy for my files. 
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing and be prepared for a comprehensive exam.
  • Have any questions or concerns ready to discuss.
  • Relax! 

COVID Precautions

I received the COVID vaccine but still wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when seeing patients, including an N95 mask and face shield.  My medical equipment is always disinfected in between patients.   I ask that anyone in the home/residence wear a face mask for the duration of my visit.  I protect you; you protect me!

If you have COVID symptoms or have COVID, I will ask that we do a telemedicine visit instead of a face-to-face visit.